Services, Tariff

          Billing terms

      Method of payment

    Cheque, within a week
    CESU (Cheque Emploi Service Universel) or pre-funded CESU
    Mutual, APA, CPAM


    Billing is monthly. End of each month, a total invoice is sent to you, containing all the services performed during the month.


    You can benefit from a tax reduction if you use the services of one or more employees at your main or secondary residence in France that you are an owner or tenant. Employees must perform tasks familial or household. These services, provided by DOM'OPALE, certified business, are eligible for tax relief within the following limits:

    50% of expenditure within the limit of € 12,000 (Each child increases the € 1,500 limit. This limit may not exceed € 15,000)

    Expenses are included in the limit of € 20,000 when one of the members of the household is in receipt of a disability card at least 80% or a disability pension or 3rd category if you receive the special education supplement for one of your children.

    The tax reduction is replaced by a tax credit if the taxpayer carries on business in the year of expenditure or is registered on the list of job seekers for three months or more during the year the payment of expenses.

      Financial aid

    Depending on your situation, financial assistance may be assigned. To do this, please approach the agencies in charge of these General Council records, CPAM, CAF, Mutual ...). Personal Autonomy Allowance you may be allocated according to certain criteria. Please contact your town hall. DOM'OPALE can directly perceive any aid or absorptions (APA, check home pre-financed CESU, Mutual ...).

      The approach

    By meeting with you and listening to you, DOM'OPALE strives to offer a matching service delivery best for your needs. According to Art. L-121.21 of the Code of consumption, you have a 7 day right of withdrawal from the contract signing.