Human rights, undertaking Dom'Opale

      Article 1:

    Everyone is free to choose his services provider to the Home Person.

      Article 2:

    Anyone supported by DOM'OPALE is treated with respect. DOM'OPALE respect dignity, privacy, and zt / or desires needs.

      Article 3:

    Anyone supported by DOM'OPALE is ensured full respect for his private life. The staff DOM'OPALE is subject to professional secrecy. All that has been entrusted to him, all he has seen, heard, seen or understood remain strictly confidential.

      Article 4:

    DOM'OPALE benefits are delivered by competent and empowered stakeholders, respecting the right needs and / or desires of the people. The staff is carefully selected according DOM'OPALE his qualifications, skills, experience, professional and character references, expertise, know to be. Consultation criminal record is systematic. The staff DOM'OPALE has read and approved the Internal Regulations Employee binder the Company Such measures permit DOM'OPALE to vouch for morality and professionalism of its staff. The staff is insured against any damage that may be caused during delivery.

      Article 5:

    DOM'OPALE undertakes to provide to the person or his entourage, all the information and explanations necessary for the proper conduct of its benefits.

      Article 6:

    DOM'OPALE agrees that the control of the services and planning organized in agreement with the person or his entourage are scrupulously respected. The person or his entourage will be notified of any incident or unforeseen event that may change the schedule.

      Article 7:

    In the interest of the person, DOM'OPALE will exchange the information necessary for a harmonious partnership with the multidisciplinary team that surrounds (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, medical equipment provider, family environment).

      Article 8:

    For each person, a confidential file is established by DOM'OPALE containing the elements necessary for proper monitoring of benefits to changing needs. This folder is accessible to the person at his request. As part of holding on computer files, the files are declared to the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés). The person has a right of access, rectification and deletion of information about it, according to law.

      Article 9:

    DOM'OPALE agrees to charge the number of actual services provided.

      Article 10:

    DOM'OPALE undertakes to provide to the person, the tax certificate enabling him to benefit from the deduction of 50% of adjusted fees, the amount of the tax year N + 1.

      Article 11:

    DOM'OPALE agrees that the care recipient receives a benefit of maximum quality, so that his choice of home support brings him maximum comfort and well being.

      Article 12:

    If unresolved conflict with the manager, you can call in order to help you enforce your rights, a qualified person that you choose on the list referred to in Article L.311-5 of the Code of social action.

    For the territory of Montreuillois:

                          Mr. Jean HONORET -Claude                                        Mrs. Marie Marthe RIVIERE
                          957 Avenue Adolphe Leroy                                            13 avenue de Saint Austreberthe
                          62155 62410 MERLIMONT                                           62410 MARCONNE

    For neighboring territories, other addresses on request.