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Standard :

Guarding and surveillance

For owners in primary or secondary residence, and tenants. One-off or regular services.

The home surveillance agent realizes what the inhabitants of the house would do in normal times, if they were present: he ventilates the house to mark a presence in the eyes of possible burglars, he waters and maintains the plants, heats if need to regulate humidity, anticipate forecast bad weather, collect mail and monitor the entire house.

He can also do some minor housework inside the home if necessary.

In all cases, he tries to deal with any unforeseen circumstances so that the home is ready to welcome its occupants on their return.

It ensures careful security and prevents any material risk.

He alerts and reports regularly to the inhabitant.

Please note : this job is by no means a security job with video surveillance, patrols and alarms. It is indeed simple and natural vigilance and, most often, the home surveillance agent will discover nuisances such as a water leak, an ant nest, a swarm of bees, etc. It will have to involve the competent services, according to the observed nuisance.

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